NIR Absorbing Dyes


Our collection of narrow notch and broad band absorbers covers an entire infrared spectrum (700-1400nm). Our dyes absorb and transmit across the entire near infrared region. Our dyes have high transmission from 400 to 700nm and low transmission from 700 to 2000nm. Moleculum specializes in custom molecular synthesis and standard near IR absorbing dyes. We have full time PhD chemists and optical engineers on staff to assist with your product development when custom dyes are required. Our standard product line includes phthalocyanine, squarine, rylene, porphoryn, dithiolene, trisaminium, among other dyes. We pride ourselves on our quality and dye purity. All of the dyes in our catalog are stable for standard thermoplastic extrusion and injection molding. Please view our catalog and contact us for any custom dye applications.