Laser Absorbing Dyes


We have an entire line of laser absorbing dyes covering wavelengths for helium, argon, alexandrite, Nd:Yag, diode and Yag lasers. Moleculum supplies an entire line of laser absorbing dyes with high optical density and high visible transmission. We offer both notch and broad band absorbers. Our dyes have been successfully injection molded into lenses, goggles, visors and laser windows. All of the standard laser wavelengths are covered by our product portfolio; helium, argon, alexandrite, Nd:Yag, diode, Yag. Our dyes can achieve optical densities higher than 6 with VLTs above 65%. We pride ourselves on purity and quality. All of the dyes in our catalog are stable for standard thermoplastic extrusion and injection molding. Please view our catalog and contact us for any custom dye applications.