Military and Defense

NVIS materials, laser eyewear protection, avalanche photo diode filters, marker and identifiers, smart ammunitions. There has been enormous change in the battlefields in the last 30 years. The arrival of night vision technologies have expanded warfare to a complete 24/7 with most of the action now occurring at night. The US “owning the night” strategy has been spearheaded by technology companies providing the foundation of this military domination. MOLECULUM is at the forefront of efforts to further development for Defense application. Whether by providing NIR absorbing materials to avoid enemy detectability of improve illumination performance compatible with night vision goggles, the materials are a critical element of the systems.

MOLECULUM also supports research and development activities by Government Agencies with cutting edge projects. Some of our R&D includes; invisible emission for covert identification, laser detection, energy filtering, emitting materials used in tracers and markers. These technologies are used in a broad variety of products such as: NVIS materials, laser eyewear protection, avalanche photo diode filter, markers and identifiers, smart ammunitions.

Philosophy in the world of Defense has been moved to a technological battle and Moleculum strive to push the science of material to new boundaries.