Laser Protection

Lenses, goggles, visors, laser windows. We specialize as solution providers when a complex optical challenge arises and are committed to providing the highest level of technical expertise. Moleculum supplies an entire line of laser absorbing dyes with high optical density and high visible transmission. We offer both notch and broad band absorbers. Our dyes have been successfully injection molded into lenses, goggles, visors and laser windows. All of the standard laser wavelengths are covered by our product portfolio. Please let us know if you don’t see the wavelength coverage you are looking for.

Laser dyes have been successfully qualified in the following applications

  • Cast acrylic laser windows
  • Injection molded polycarbonate laser windows
  • Broadband laser absorbing film extrusion
  • Optical lamination
  • Injection molded laser protective eyewear
  • Molded laser protective eyewear laminated with thin film coatings
  • High impact laser windows (passes boot kick and wrench impact testing)

We manage light on the molecular level