For over 20 years, MOLECULUM’s team members have been researching, developing and manufacturing light management solutions for advanced products in a variety of high reliability markets. We have the capability to develop solutions at the molecular level, guaranteeing the most efficient performance without relying on currently available technology. Our research and development center is located in Southern California and it is complemented by an advisory board of internationally recognized scientists.

MOLECULUM offers a broad range of products and services from molecular development, organic and inorganic synthesis, dye formulations, raw and finished materials. We can provide unparalleled support to our customers by providing material processing conditions and manufacturing development. The technologies we offer are generally used in specialized markets such as Military and Defense, Security, Medical and Automotive/Industrial.

Our customers select MOLECULUM for an in-depth knowledge of chemistry and manufacturing guidance, resulting in the finished product. MOLECULUM can assist by understanding the customer’s product specification and then optimizing the basic chemistry. This capability insures that the basic science will be specifically selected to insure that the processing methods will not alter properties or performance. This key function in the design process is often missed by the application chemists or specialists.

MOLECULUM is unique in providing molecular development and applied engineering capabilities. This wide array of knowledge insures that manufacturing processes and products properties are accounted in the overall product development phase. MOLECULUM supports development assignment, R&D projects, low scale production and high volume production. The company’s philosophy includes close proximity with both the end-user and the academic community thus maintaining a continuous flow of technological and market advancement.

We are a technology company born out of a well-established applied materials corporation that has led its native markets for over 45 years. We rely on this experience to offer the market proven technologies under MOLECULUM.