Our technology can be found in the defense, security, medical, automotive, industrial, laser and other specialty markets. Our customers select MOLECULUM for an in-depth knowledge of chemistry and manufacturing guidance, resulting in the ultimate product. MOLECULUM can assist by understanding the customer’s product specification and then optimizing the basic chemistry. MOLECULUM also supports research and development activities by Government Agencies with cutting edge projects.

LASER: Our dyes have been successfully injection molded into lenses, goggles, visors and laser windows. Moleculum supplies an entire line of laser absorbing dyes with high optical density and high visible transmission.

SECURITY: Our dyes have fluorescent or absorption profiles that can be specifically tuned to create key identifying signatures.

DEFENSE: Whether by providing NIR absorbing materials to avoid enemy detectability or improve illumination performance compatible with night vision goggles, our materials are a critical element of a successful system.

MEDICAL: Our dyes are used in laser transmission welding, photodynamic therapy, low level light therapy, and medical imaging.

AUTOMOTIVE: Automotive applications that incorporate our dyes range from distance sensors and auto windshield wipers, to dyes that match the eyes response to sun light.