Advisory Board

We believe that what you know is often secondary to knowing someone who can help. As a result, MOLECULUM has a philosophy centered on relationships and network which provides unparalleled efficiency to solve technology challenges. As a result, MOLECULUM is continuously striving to establish formal and informal relationships to expand its network.

At its core, MOLECULUM has engaged with a technological board of professionals that provide an independent perspective to our business. It enables our team to obtain unbiased feedback on its technological assessment and direction. Our advisory board is composed of accomplished individuals that have broad expertise in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, management of intellectual property, cutting edge research and development, and sales and marketing strategies. Moreover, all of these experiences have been obtained in a global environment, for which there was only technological borders.

Young-Gi Kim, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry,
Delaware State University

Dr. Kim has over 23 years of experience in design, synthesis, characterization and applications of materials. He has significant experience in near infrared absorptive materials. He has occupied various research positions in the industry. Dr. Kim has obtained his PhD for his work on Electro-Optical Properties of Conjugated polymers and Novel metal complexes. He was a Postdoctoral fellow under Dr. John Reynolds at University of Florida.

Douglas Loy, PhD, MBA
President, DeLoy Inc.

Dr. Loy has a broad experience related to OLEDs. Over the years, he has led research and development teams at the US Army Flexible Display Center bringing state of the art development into products. Dr. Loy has continuously been deeply involved in science in a practical commercial environment. He has successfully lead business ventures and has been a trusted advisor in numerous intellectual property evaluation and deployment. He holds a large number of patents and he is a regular speaker in the OLED and AMLCD display industry.

Zofia Wosinska, PhD, MBA
President, Estaine, Inc.

Dr. Wosinska has years of experience in organic photo chemistry including diagnostic research work in collaboration with Eastman Kodak. After years of in depth technical research and applied chemistry achievements, she has taken leadership position in Business Development at Roche Diagnosis. Dr. Wosinska has also been involved in various business ventures. She possesses a broad technical understanding combined with proven business acumen in new product launches and business development.

David LePagne
Senior Sales Engineer, Ashland, Inc.

Mr. LePagne specializes in Coatings, Plastics, Pigments, and plastic additives and has held senior sales engineering positions at the top chemical manufacturing companies throughout the US. David received his masters in material science from Lulea University of Technology in Sweden and has held engineering positions in Sweden, France, The Netherlands, and the US.