We are interested in research projects that result in an optical product that solves a challenge. The intension is to provide a solution that results is a working product vs. research for basic science. Our capabilities span from molecular analysis and custom dye design and synthesis to product or technology integration.

As a customer you will get to interface directly with one of our PhD chemists or optical application engineers. Our chemists will start by identifying potential dye families that are compatible with your manufacturing method or integration method. The resulting research output can be provided as a raw powder, a liquid solution, a compounded pellet or even a finished optical filter.

Standard Customer inputs:

  • Desired wavelength band – transmission, absorption/optical density, VLT
  • Environmental requirements – thermal stability, chemical stability
  • Desired photo stability
  • Desired host resin
  • Desired product configuration
  • Bandwidth
  • Source spectrum
  • Color balance
  • Service life